Seasonal Flavors of Gourmet Toffee

These special flavors are only available during certain times of the year, and cannot be purchased year round. If you have a craving and must have one of the flavors below, please contact us about special batch creation.

Candy of the Month Club


I was given a bag of your Michigan Tart Cherry toffee... It is AMAZING! The best Toffee I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in! It shows how much you love your creations!
Nora Shumate
Miss Kelly’s toffee has completely spoiled me on any other brand. I received a gift that included another brand of toffee, and while it was a nice gesture, the quality and flavor of the toffee really doesn’t compare to Miss Kelly’s!
Josh Whitaker
I love every flavor of Miss Kelly’s candies that I’ve tried, but am positively addicted to the Habanero Orange toffee. Who would have thought it possible to make toffee this good in so many enticing flavor combinations?
Rebecca Blackwell

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