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Many of our flavors are gluten free (or glutaneous minimus as we like to say), please just look for the “Gluten Free” text on each product page. If you have strong allergies, please note that there may be trace elements in the product that are derived from producing in a facility with other gluten products but the measure is almost zero.

Miss Kelly’s focuses on making the most delicious candy on the planet, however Kelly’s recipes do utilize the finest sugar we can find. We’re positive your taste buds will thank you!

Our toffees will last up to 9 months with no deterioration and in many cases, even longer. Soft caramels are good up to 6 months. If you have the will power to watch them sit on your shelf for that long though then you might want to have a doctor check your pulse.

Yes, you may make special arrangement to pick up your order from our production facility in Denver. Please just send us a quick email with your request and we will do our best to accommodate it. But don’t be surprised if you spot Kelly in the back cooking and dancing with her Super Woman cape on.

We’d love to have a posse of little candy trolls to deliver your product in exchange for a little tummy rub but they’re all tied up in the packaging department. When you put candy in your cart and go to check out, you will see an area to enter in your zip code and the cute little trolls will make sure you get an accurate quote.

Oh, you REALLY love our candy do ya?! Of course, if you are looking to order large quantities for friends, your company or your great grandma Ethel, please send us a message on the Contact page and we’ll get ya squared away.

We’ve got lots of options including custom inserts for your gift box, co-branded labels, matching colors for your wedding and more so just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll see if we can help. Our candy trolls are pretty handy at making sure your personalized touch gets delivered just as you want it.

Miss Kelly doesn’t mind relinquishing her name in certain instances so please just send her a line and we’ll see what we can do for ya!

Is Bugs Bunny a carrot-eating, cartoon rabbit? You bet, we’re licensed by local and state health departments according to the highest standards.